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The Cocktail: Origins and Evolution (MOCA Cleveland)
On 12/11/2014

Featuring: Matthew Citriglia, Master Sommelier, moderator | Cris Dehlavi, award-winning bartender | Paulius Nasvytis, owner, Velvet Tango Room | Michael Nowack, chef/owner, The Black Pig | Dave Rego, partner, Watershed Distillery

Archaeologists have evidence of mixed drinks dating back to Kind Midas of Phygia around 700 BC. From the mixed drink's first evolution and the introduction of distillation in the Middle Ages to the modern art of mixology, this decidedly spirited talk is a journey that includes American invention in the mid-1800s, the Golden Age of the cocktail, Prohibition, and the triumphant return of the cocktail in 1990. Participants will also enjoy MOCA's award-winning cocktail created in honor of Ferran Adrià: Notes on Creativity.